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Motorcycling in Auvergne

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Motorcycle essentials


The Charade is a legendary race track just 10 minutes from Clermont Ferrand. Having enjoyed its glory days during the 70s, the new Charade track was opened in 2001, after undergoing a total refurbishment. Nestled among the volcanoes of Auvergne, it welcomes car-driving professionals as well as amateur enthusiasts interested in practice sessions and technological developments. Its modern amenities and comprehensive facilities mean that it hosts all sorts of events.

Issoire and Voxan

The Issoire offers track day sessions. Using a special, safe route, you can enjoy the pleasures of race track driving. Each corner on the 2,474 m track has a run-off area for maximum safety.

It is also home to the Auverdrive museum. Former world rally championship driver Auguste TURIANI, known as Tchine, invites you to view his private vehicle collection. You'll be able to see Voxan motorcycles here that were manufactured in Issoire until 2009.


Practice sessions with several loops of between 1,100 and 4,200 metres in length, the Lurcy-Lévis track is famous for the very high quality of its surface and for the different alternatives with regard to driving and safety. Among other things, it has a long, 1,500 metre straight, which is one-of-a-kind in Europe and which is very highly regarded by Formula 1 constructors and teams for their aerodynamic research. Partners of this track hold private and introductory driving sessions here.


Set at the Moulins-Montbeugny aerodrome, the Bourbonnais is 2.3 km in length, so there are all sorts of possible configurations. It is open to anyone with a sports car or motorcycle, including during Happy Hours which take place at the end of the day.

The Baster museum

A one-off in Auvergne and probably in France, the André Baster museum is a must for all biking enthusiasts. This amazing private collection is home to no fewer than 400 vehicles, dating from 1900 to 1985, with an emphasis on sidecars and 4 cylinder bikes, some of which are the only ones of their kind in the world.

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